Metal Sculpture from Frailloop

Sculpture Workshop in Nottingham

Would you like to try your hand at working with metal to create your own sculptures? Want to use a welder? Want to use a plasma cutter?

Steel is the most wonderful material to work with. It is one of the most forgiving materials you can use. It does not break went you drop it. You can add to it and subtract from it as you want. Bend it. Hammer it. Burn it. The worst possible outcome is it goes to be recycled!

The workshop gives you:-

All for a total cost of £180

If you would like to know more please ask Gavin.
Frailloop Contact Details - Telephone: 0780 4642860 - Email:

Please remember that metalwork involves working with heavy, sharp, dirty, noisy tools and materials. Gavin will be working with you and assisting throughout the day. Wear old, natrual fibre clothes (because weld splatter WILL burn holes) and stout shoes to protect your toes.

Frailloop Contact Details - Telephone: 0780 4642860 -